Tuesday, 27 October 2009

KIM SAM SOON is back again in INDOSIAR...

yeah!! its trully interesting!! i can watch MY LOVELY SAM SOON (MLKSS) again now... before that i really meet so many trouble just for watch MLKSS... :( phufff

why?? coz in my favorite cd store i cant find MLKSS DVD and also in my fav website 4 watch ASIAN DRAMA "MY SOJU"

but now everything that i said before not important... that is really a best thing for me... so i will say "Thanks indosiar.. keep your style to share asian drama okay!!!"

p/s: for you that stay in Indonesia and love asian drama can watch MLKSS in Indosiar i think from monday till friday at 3.30 WIB only in INDOSIAR..





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