Sunday, 29 November 2009


Arghhhhh !!!! Omigosh.... tomorrow i will do my exam week!!! and it will be a bad week!!!
the exam is start on monday and will be finish on monday in next week...
the 1st exam are religion test and social test....
after that science and 'budi pekerti' Its like a lesson about live and how to get a best live... or somethin like that...
on wednesday there will be 2 exam.. there are Indonesian Language (bahasa indonesia) and Journalism. I like journalism cause we just make 4 opinions about everything that happened in our country (INDONESIA).
Friday... i hv IT and Administration exam....
and the last day = MONDAY i hv to finish Math and Citizenship .... after that holiday is waiting for me and all of u i think.. why?? because we hv to celebrate CHRISTMAS... :D

so, i am going to have a break in writing online diary ...
i must study hard to get a best score!!! thats my goal this year!! i hv to be the best ~LOL so, i will try and do my best...
keep smile keep laugh
kiss from me!!!!! :D

Sunday, 22 November 2009


i just joined some competition in looklet... thecompetition is about dress by valerie ....

and these are 3 of my design!!

what do u think???

Saturday, 21 November 2009

♥ Perhaps Love ♥

I don’t know when it all started
When my head became dizzy with thoughts of you
These thoughts would often pop up in my mind
I feel anxious as my heart expands towards you
It’s nothing.. it’s just a little thing
Your words are awkward to me
Is it love? If you feel the same way, is it a beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you
It screams out for the whole world to hear
Why has it taken so long for me to hear it~?
We’ve finally met.. finally found love
If I wanted to show you how I feel
The only way would be for you to become me
I’m already inside of you
Just like you’re inside of me
To each other [to each other]
We may already be too accustomed
Is it love? If you feel the same way, is it a beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you
It screams out for the whole world to hear
Why has it taken so long for me to hear it~?
We’ve finally met.. finally found love
When I think about it [when I think about it]
I realize how many moments there were when my heart trembled
I’ll try as harder as I was late in realizing my feelings
I’ll be with you, I’ll only give you fond memories
Please don’t ever leave me again
Even the shortest moments without you make me uneasy
Please stay by me~
I already love you so much (you’re the only one)

it was taken from song which is dedicated for Goong ost (PRINCESS HOURS) 
singer : Howl feat J
i wrote it for MACHU PICHU (MY 1ST *o**)


YEAH.... now i hv mobile site for u,..... all so u can open this blog from  phone! the url is :

><  >3< REALLY LIKE it so much!!!!


Friday, 20 November 2009


today is my friend b'day..... he is my classmate... :D his name is GREGORIUS ANDITO HERJUNO.... but easilly to call him as DITO
he is now 15 years old..... :)

its his photo :

                  its his silly style ~LOL

he is really good in playing drum!!

Me and about 6 others my friends give him a surprise party..... as usuall we always to spary our friends that has a b'day.... so, we spray dito with WATERS and also BREAK an EGG to his HEAD...... can u imagine that..... how smell is it?? :D and how dare is it??? ~LOL

he just scream and catch everyone..... :D

it was really funny :D and wonderful i think.... :)

owh ya before that me and 4 others my friends do somethin with him.... we hid his maqth books... and guess what ???? he was so angry about that!!!!!!!!!!!

the last i just wanna say again HAPPY B'DAY TO U  DITO.... GOD ALWAYS BLESS U !

Thursday, 19 November 2009



may be you all can see that now i hv changed my cyberspace name into HANNA LI Before that i used to be LADY HAN .......

why did i do that???

i dunno too.... may be because im boring with that past name ~LOL
and HANNA LI is name given from my BF ....... ....... ......



just make it simple...... so, just called him BF :D

so. . .. . ., now i'm HANNA LI


Sunday, 15 November 2009


My computer is on a right way now.. its has been like beforee!!! there are no Promblems again from my compiter.. i really love it!!

i say thanks to my friend SHINTA that has helped me repair my computer...,... ,,.... she is really good at IT ..... thanks Shinta!! hope u will help me again later if my computer being not alright (i didnt wish it exactly!) ~LOL

o.k. world! Now, i just wanna say HELLO to MY COMPUTER... WELCOME AGAIN IN MY ROOM!!!! :D :D :D xp xp xp

Saturday, 14 November 2009


I HATE All of  SPAMMER and CRACKER !!!!!!!

i dunno who is he?? that person just give name SINE on my C-BOX...... can u see???? and it makes my C-BOX just like a rubish bin!!! i hate u whoever r u!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH........ ........ .......

i think u just like S.W.T person S.W.T is akronim for SOMETHING WASTE TIME!!! or SOMEONE WASTE TIME exactly!!

i will u all remember again the law of my blogs : THERE ARE NO SPAMMER HERE!!!!! :D thanks to everybody that has become a good visitor and make advice, contribution for me and my blog...... :D

i write it again :
LOVE mine ? I LOVE you more !
HATE mine ? FUCK OFF !
COPYING mine ? talk to your ASS! 

and it again too :

thanks to everybody that has become a good visitor and make advice, contribution for me and my blog...... :D

♥ love u all


It Called LAZY

This is Lazy SaturdAY....
the day that i should be take a rest but now i must go to school to hv a meeting prepare for "HAVE A CHAT WITH WRITER~RADITYA DIKA~" like an events that u can hv a chat with a writer... and the writer is RADITYA DIKA he is the one of most famous writer in INDONESIA now..... :D

he stared his book from BLOG... and he is my inpiration.... hope so i can be like him.... ~LOL

but this is trully LAZY.... why the meeting is on SATURDAY and NOT on MONDAY ???????

I hv to take a rest, relaxing, watching movie with my friends and also all of happy other activities in SATURDAY!!!!!!!

may i come or just escape from my own job??????????


Friday, 13 November 2009

Gan-Bate Shoes full of S.T.O.R.Y

like i told before... today i review to the past and tried to find all of the story of my shoes collection! and its so fun!! i remembered i hv tried all my best to get this shoes i called it Gan-Bate Shoes...

i love it so much!!! cant explain with all words in the world.. coz this shoes given from my beloved parents! They gave me this Gan-Bate Shoes with a surprise in my 13th b'day party .....:D
its sweet to reeeeemember it again and again.....
this is the shoes!


Its N.E.W Its R.E.V.I.E.W

just buy a pair of shoes.... :D its my 2nd online shop!! :)

i bought it on wonder shoe... my sister GIZA just recomended me about this shoes so i bought it...
today, my order was coming!! it looked good...

i get the picture!

here it is :D

what do u think???
i really like it...

but i miss my other shoes too...!!  so today i just waste my time to review and look at again my shoes collection.. aafter that i just made one sentence that really like a joke but hv so many meanings:

Its New Its Review!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Here there are.... MY NEW SKIN

After long time no post... i back with new face... new theme exactly!!!!

~LOL! i really like this new items even tough i didnt make it my myself! but i still love this one!!! !!! !!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

LAZY to Talk about SCIENCE...

just this time i really hate Physics and i dunno yet.. why do i hate this subjuect...

i just know that my score in Physics is getting worst.. i get 65 and it was making me so upset... and crying in a class... (how dare is that?? ) i really shy but>.....>.... my eyes cant stop crying... ><

im sure that i can do that task as good as i can.. but i hv even know why did i get a bad score?????? its really hard to accept a failed...... >< >< i still sad now!!!


bonus photo 4 u all!! i just make myself happy!!! with photography off course!!!
because so many troubles with my modem i think its better to post that photos tomorrow r8?? okay..

see u next post.....

kiss from me for u all!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

New Style on Looklet

this is my new look at looklet that join in a competition... hope can win it !!! :) vote for this one in looklet please... of course if u like this one too

click HERE for vote me... after that just click the love sign thanks..... :D

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

ITs time to move!!!


move from what????

yeah.... i think u all know that i really love blogging... hahaha but...

trust me!!
ITS hard...

i really really hate a HACKER
may be esspecially in CRACKER!!

they're trully bad!!

u know, they hack one of my blog in blogger that talking about ASIAN DRAMA...

i made that and this is not the first!!!
they hack my blog...
i dunno know who is he??

I'LL KILL that person IF I MEET him!!!!!




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