Saturday, 31 October 2009

new look

today just made another looklet inspired by halloween party in my english Course (ILP)

this is it!

the title is HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

one part from this look that i love...

do u know what is it??

thats the TATTO......




Thursday, 29 October 2009

looking for something that really not important

today just a day that i really cant understand ...
holiday felt like a nightmare now.. and i dunno know why??
tomorrow is Friday after that is saturday and then sunday.. argh... i hate monday...
and once again i dunno know why...........

but today i watched MLKSS and it really makes me happy!
Hyun bin face esspecially makes me feel fly~lol

and i ask for myself: "why there is a handsome guy like him in the world???"
:) and my mum just laughing ......

:) :D xp xp

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


aku mau pergi melepaskan kendali
namun kemudian kamu berdiri menghalangi

aku mau berteriak menyongsong pagi
sayangnya kamu duduk termenung hingga hari meninggi

kepalan tangan boleh beda
tinju boleh tak sama
tapi apa itu semua mampu menutupi kebusukan hatimu itu
kegelapan raga dalam jiwamu itu

saat ini
aku hanya mampu menanti
hingga saatnya tiba nanti!

when life is so hard and u cant find ur aim...

time to edit your photo!!!

today i just trying with many photo edit program..

those are my photos that i have been editing in picnik...
i really like picnik coz this is more simple than photoshop etc...
and also, the effect is better than nero star smart!

check out!!

with louisa when election of precident day

u know, i've posted this photos in the last post r8??
this is my brother photoshot...

no comment just same like b4

okay i think enough 4 today....
actually i wanna share about some problem in my family, but its better for me to share it in INDONESIAN LANGUAGE.. ~LOL :)


today i made a new look at my looklet

and its inspired by yoon eun hye performence at her drama titled "take care of the young lady"

this is her style at that drama:

Look at the woman in the middle .. its she!!

and this is my look:

what do u think?? is that same or not???


p.s. : u can also see all of my look at my looklet.... :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Isthapala is the fotografer of two photos that posting in this post...

he is my brother.. he is about 5 y.o. but he really like photography and my dad support him..

these a little bit oh his photos.. and the model is me... LOL :)


style by istha, ispiration = istha, photographer=istha

just same like b4

all copyrigth is belong for my brother... ISTHA...

KIM SAM SOON is back again in INDOSIAR...

yeah!! its trully interesting!! i can watch MY LOVELY SAM SOON (MLKSS) again now... before that i really meet so many trouble just for watch MLKSS... :( phufff

why?? coz in my favorite cd store i cant find MLKSS DVD and also in my fav website 4 watch ASIAN DRAMA "MY SOJU"

but now everything that i said before not important... that is really a best thing for me... so i will say "Thanks indosiar.. keep your style to share asian drama okay!!!"

p/s: for you that stay in Indonesia and love asian drama can watch MLKSS in Indosiar i think from monday till friday at 3.30 WIB only in INDOSIAR..


Saturday, 17 October 2009

PHOTOS(session 2/ 2)

NOW... just like my promise yesterday.. i'll upload others holiday photos hahahahaha..... :)

this one are no editing at all....

with Liza; place~bakmie lesehan; clothes~by hanDesign

with Liza's Family and my Family
MYSELF:clothes~by hanDesign; jackets~adidas; pants~boxer (unbranded); sandal~ harmonie

in villa... whui.. really cool hehehehe :)

with my brother ... have no comment at all!!

with Liza ..on the way to Our Villa in Cipanas
MYSELF: t-shirt~Dagadu Jogja; Pants~legging unbranded; sandal~harmonie

i think enough for today...... :)
coz i have to write others story about KOREAN on my wordpress blog :)
see you soon then!! >3<

Friday, 16 October 2009

PHOTOS(session 1/ n)

last holiday i went to CIPANAS ...

and take many photos this is the 1st session of my public realize photos... :)

hope you enjoy it!!

with Liza ; editing on nero editing

with Liza in idiot and silly style.. :)

in taman .....[i forgot what the name of that garden??] hehhe
clothes: still by Dagadu; pants:levi's; jackets: adidas; shoes: Robbi de Kappa

coz i'm too lazy to upload all photos,, what about see you next post?? alr8?? wokay...

AKHIRNYA..... [finally]

this blog is my project to make a better blogskin with html or classic mode in Bloger Main.. and you know?? that was really difficult.. i think now its better 4 me to have an online diary r8 hahaha... and do you know?? i'll post my photos 4 the 1st time in inet...

and this is my photos!! some photos are not editing..

enjoy it!!

editing in adobe photoshop, picnik

clothes: by dagadu ;no editing

with Liza- holiday in cipanas
my clothes: by handDesign; Liza's hairband: naughty;no editing

okay that was my story for today... see you!!!

new blog

this is my new blog design hope you enjoy it!!


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