Friday, 20 November 2009


today is my friend b'day..... he is my classmate... :D his name is GREGORIUS ANDITO HERJUNO.... but easilly to call him as DITO
he is now 15 years old..... :)

its his photo :

                  its his silly style ~LOL

he is really good in playing drum!!

Me and about 6 others my friends give him a surprise party..... as usuall we always to spary our friends that has a b'day.... so, we spray dito with WATERS and also BREAK an EGG to his HEAD...... can u imagine that..... how smell is it?? :D and how dare is it??? ~LOL

he just scream and catch everyone..... :D

it was really funny :D and wonderful i think.... :)

owh ya before that me and 4 others my friends do somethin with him.... we hid his maqth books... and guess what ???? he was so angry about that!!!!!!!!!!!

the last i just wanna say again HAPPY B'DAY TO U  DITO.... GOD ALWAYS BLESS U !




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