Monday, 9 November 2009

LAZY to Talk about SCIENCE...

just this time i really hate Physics and i dunno yet.. why do i hate this subjuect...

i just know that my score in Physics is getting worst.. i get 65 and it was making me so upset... and crying in a class... (how dare is that?? ) i really shy but>.....>.... my eyes cant stop crying... ><

im sure that i can do that task as good as i can.. but i hv even know why did i get a bad score?????? its really hard to accept a failed...... >< >< i still sad now!!!


bonus photo 4 u all!! i just make myself happy!!! with photography off course!!!
because so many troubles with my modem i think its better to post that photos tomorrow r8?? okay..

see u next post.....

kiss from me for u all!!




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