Thursday, 17 December 2009

final day for this year ......

nononono... i dont mean that it is 31st of december... i mean this is the last day on my school....
d' day after tomorrow i hv my report day (and holiday off course) .. and it could be so frightenned...... i hope i get good scores.. in every subject... LOL :D

today me and all of my classmate hv decored our class 9c.... it was beautiful (ehem...ehem...)
and that is a very awesome picture.... thats the picture of our class... created by LIA
SO...  This is the picture!!!

last but not least.. i wanna say MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR for you all .... :D

owh ya dunt forget to enjoy ur holiday okay...

and i wanna say sorry too if i wont write post for while day.. because of my holiday off course...
i think after the last year holiday i'll write again.... tell u all about my bored holiday with so many books and task i hv do to prepare last national exam (UAN) on my country hks..hiks... :D

bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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