Tuesday, 22 December 2009


that was what my mum said after looked at my blog... :D she just laughed.. she told me that the layout is so cool but too crowded.... :(

i think a new lay out for a new year just somethin' like a trend here (at my school esspecially) some of my classmate change their lay out to celebrated a new year....

coz.. im so busy to make a html layout (what a busy person am i??) i just got it (the template) from the i-net.. i just googling and fallin' in love with this xml template,,, so i use this one for my site...... :D

no problemo if my mum said my template just too crowded.... but i still like this (perhaps i still like this after the new year celebration) :D

owh ya once again i wanna say

MERRY X-MAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR girls................

wish the best for this christmas and also a new year!!!!

i really cant be patient wait for fireforks festival at my city... on SUMMARECON MALL SERPONG i promise u i will post about that awesome day....
trust me ... :D


owh ya.. what do u think about my new template??
just comment siz.....




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