Saturday, 14 November 2009

It Called LAZY

This is Lazy SaturdAY....
the day that i should be take a rest but now i must go to school to hv a meeting prepare for "HAVE A CHAT WITH WRITER~RADITYA DIKA~" like an events that u can hv a chat with a writer... and the writer is RADITYA DIKA he is the one of most famous writer in INDONESIA now..... :D

he stared his book from BLOG... and he is my inpiration.... hope so i can be like him.... ~LOL

but this is trully LAZY.... why the meeting is on SATURDAY and NOT on MONDAY ???????

I hv to take a rest, relaxing, watching movie with my friends and also all of happy other activities in SATURDAY!!!!!!!

may i come or just escape from my own job??????????





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